Advantages of dry-cleaning

The most important advantage of this method is the ability to purify the product quality without wetting it. Therefore, there will be no negative consequences in terms of shrinking, coat deformation, discoloration, etc. That is why this option is suitable for expensive carpet made of natural wool.

Another important advantage of the method of dry cleaning is that after such a cleaning, you can immediately walk on the carpet. Wet cleaning takes time to dry, that delivers certain inconveniences.
The effectiveness of dry cleaning nevertheless lower than the wet. She would do well to not heavily polluted, especially in the surface layers of carpet. Penetrate very deep and fight serious spots in the powder turns out not one hundred percent.

If a carpet stain is present, you can use the combined method of cleaning. The entire area of the coating process powder, and some areas of strong pollution – using stain removers.

Combined cleaning

Combined cleaning, also called carpet cleaning, is using the foam. This method represents a middle way between the wet and dry cleaning. Then the algorithm of actions is about the same – first vacuum the carpet, then a special foam to clean carpet thoroughly rubbed into the pile coating, after which it is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

The structure of the foam includes various components that allow you to quickly dissolve dirt and dust. The advantage of this type of cleaning – a slight moistening cloth. After a specified time in the instructions or after drying foam agent is removed together with pollution.

Clean powder or foam can be used every 1-2 weeks. It is best if you have a vacuum cleaner nozzle in the form of an S-shaped spiral. This particular form of the nozzle allows you to comb the pile carpeting most effectively and to remove impurities, not only at the surface but also at the base of the carpet. Brushing this form helps to restore the structure of the villi.

Carpet cleaners

If you decide to self-clean your carpet, it is worth to pay attention to the choice of cleaning products. It is important in this regard not to focus primarily on price, because the poor quality of this product may result in serious damages for your floor. The fact means that the particles may be poor on the villi resulting carpet and promote the accumulation of dirt – they simply will adhere dust, hair, crumbs, etc.

When testing shampoo for carpet wet cleaning is recommended to pour it into some sort of dish and leave overnight. Then in the morning to pour the liquid and let the dishes to air dry. Then you need to check whether the sticky surface became smooth. If so, then the agent can not be used, because it will contribute to the accumulation of dirt and dust.



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